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Fiduciary Foundation LLC prides itself by truly understanding what your needs are.  

With bank consolidation and the growing need for private Trustees, Conservators, Attorney in Facts and other fiduciary responsibilities, it was clear a fiduciary was needed to help fill that need in a professional and trusted manner.

I so miss our phone calls and the good working relationship we had. Thanks again for your help with my Aunt. I will always remember you with fond memories.


Conservatee's Niece

About Us

Fiduciary Foundation LLC. is a fiduciary company specializing in but not limited to: Trusts, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Professional Power of Attorney, Advanced Directives, Case Management, Repesentative Payee, Personal Representative/Executor, and Probate oriented services. We execute these services with the utmost professionalism and care.

We recognize it is our responsibility to care for those who may be vulnerable to changing laws and technology. Knowing this is an issue, we invest our time and talents to keeping up-to-date on information and technology. Not only do we deliver this information to our clients but we strive to better our communities understanding as well.
With bank consolidation and the growing need for private Trustees, Conservators, Attorney in Facts and many other fiduciary responsibilities growing, we knew a company that could provide these services in a trusted, professional way was  needed for an evolving society. Its our desire to understand your unique situation and help you maximize your money. 

Communication is not only key to our world but to our business. We want to work with you during times of transition and provide a professional, accurate, dignified, and safe service. Our staff is trained to handle the day-to-day activities as well as the unexpected emergencies. We are on call 24 hrs a day every day. Its our goal to treat you exactly how we would like to be treated were our positions reversed.


Fiduciary Foundation LLC provides many services in the fiduciary field Including but not limited to:

  • Trustee
  • Executor/Personal Representative
  • Conservatorship
  • Guardianship
  • Professional Power of Attorney
  • Case Management
  • Financial Service Worker
  • Health Care Directive
  • Representative Payee 
  • Plus many more aspects of personal and financial care


There are no files too big no files too small. What a few people do as an individual we do as a company. What large corporations due in mass and great expense, we do with a personal service and efficiency. We pride ourselves in knowing we are a team and doing an absolute excellent job for you. Our commitment and over 16 years experience in the field we work can only benefit our clients. As a professional fiduciary there is a commitment to advocacy, empathy, humanity, dignity, and a genuine concern for the individual or appointment. Every appointment is accepted with a full commitment to that individual or estate. office does a considerable amount of conservatorship and guardianship work. We have worked with over 60 professional fiduciaries in our office, and we believe Fiduciary Foundation is one of the highest qualified and most effective...They have several files, with our office, which contain a considerable amount of assets. They have been able to effectively deal with difficult family members and complicated financial and/or living situations.


Private Attorney



A trust is a written document that outlines the financial issues or wishes of the individual writing the trust. Each trust needs a trustee, as trustee you must follow the outline of the trust and execute the wishes and guidelines provided within the trust. Fiduciary Foundation as trustee executes the trust to the letter. Each trust is handled as an individual document with it's own identity.

Power of attorney

A POA is a signed document outlining Powers an individual would like to give to another individual or entity to carry out the financial responsibility of ones self. Fiduciary Foundation will carry out the responsibility of acting as the POA. We have acted as the attorney in fact for many individuals with excellent satisfaction. All of our POA's are bonded as well as the corporation being insured.

Healthcare Directive

Signing a Health Care Directive would give you the peace of mind that your place of abode and health care wishes would be met if you were to become incapacitated. Be rest assured if Fiduciary Foundation is nominated to carry out your Health Care Directive. It will be done with respect and dignity.


As Conservator we would execute the statutory powers as ordered by the court for the care of an incapacitated person and/or their estate.

Represe-ntative Payee

We serve as Representative Payee to successfully help individuals manage and care for their resources. We do all necessary contact work with Social Security and other agencies.

Medical Assistance Applications

We will initiate the Medical Assistance process by scheduling appointment, obtaining information, attend appointments, follow up, and doing annual and semi annual recertification.

Personal Representative

We will act as the personal representative for the estate of the deceased client fulfilling the obligations written in the will. We will also help settle disputed wills as a non- interested third party.


We would be the court appointed guardian to exercise all statutory powers for the care of an incompetent person and/or their estate.

Case Management/

On a case by case agreement we will work within the parameters set up as Case Manager. We will also act as a non bias third party with Mediation.

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